• Where do I sign up? 

Just follow these three steps:

  1. Add the Trails for All Challenge to your cart and check out. 
  2. Fill in the Google Form (this is important so we can track you and ensure you receive prizing if you win). 
  3. Join the Challenge on Trailforks.

  Do I need Trailforks to join?

Absolutely! But a free Trailforks account is all you need to log your rides and snag those badges or enter contests.

Can I sign up my friend/spouse/co-worker?

Every individual needs their own Trailforks account to register. You can fill out the website form for them, but they’ll have to join the contest on Trailforks with their own account. Unique usernames, folks!

Can I pay for someone else’s registration?

Sure thing! Just add two “Trails for All Challenge registrations” on our website.

Can I join fashionably late?

Sure, you can join later, but keep in mind you might miss out on the full challenge. Trailforks tracks everything in real-time, and once you’re done, you can’t add activities later.

Can I get a refund if I bail?

Nope, sorry. The event’s non-refundable, but hey, your bucks go right back into making those trails awesome!

Where does the registration money go?

Straight back into the NSMBA trail network.


What’s in it for me?

Apart from staying active every day, you’re helping out the NSMBA trail network and being part of a fantastic community. Plus, did we mention the chance to win cool prizes? Complete the 29-day challenge and score a limited edition NSMBA tote bag & sticker pack.

Haven’t got any emails. What gives?

Check your Spam! Our emails come from info@nsmba.ca. If you’ve got a different email or made a typo, sort it out. If you’ve unsubscribed, head to https://nsmba.ca/newsletters/.

Can I skip a day or split my 29 minutes?

Nope, sorry! It’s gotta be a solid 29 minutes in one go.

What activities count?

We’re a mountain biking community at heart, but we’re welcoming trail runners, dog walkers, hikers, and even the occasional ski/snowboard/snowshoe enthusiasts.

Can I do my activity outside the North Shore region?

For sure! If you’re in BC, it counts. Outside of BC, not so much. But who knows, things might change in the future.

Does an indoor workout count?

Nope, we’re all about the great outdoors. Indoor activities don’t make the cut. Get out there and enjoy Mother Nature!

Can people in wheelchairs or mobility devices participate?



Where do I log my activity?

Use Trailforks. Strava works too if it’s linked to your Trailforks account.

Can I log activities on different days?

Nope, log your activity on Trailforks the same day you did it.

How do I get badges for in-person events?

Sign up on Eventbrite, and we’ll manually add the badge to your Trailforks account.

When do I get my prizes?

If you complete a badge challenge, you’re in the running for cool prizes. Winners are randomly selected, and NSMBA Members get double entries. Prizes include a limited edition NSMBA tote bag & sticker pack for completing the full challenge.

How do I know if I won?

We’ll announce it in the newsletter and shoot you an email.

How do I collect my prize?

TBD—Local pickup or delivery.

When can I collect my prize?

You’ve got until March 31st, 2024.


Any group runs/rides/walks during the challenge?

Yep! Keep an eye on our newsletter and Instagram for details. Limited spots, so stay tuned.

What tags should I use on social media?

Tag us at @nsmba on Instagram and use #trailsforallchallenge and #nsmba to be part of the community on Instagram. Enjoy the challenge!