Vince Beasse

As a Supporter and member of the NSMBA for over 15 years I bring over 20 years of related work experience with MEC which includes: long and short term strategic planning, budgeting as well as relationship development and management. My strong negotiation skills, strong moral compass, high work ethic and 20 years + of riding the North Shore Mountains make for the perfect storm. I lead this Board of Directors as a professional, courteous, well-spoken and thoughtful individual.

As President my objective is simple: Keep the NSMBA strong and growing.

Key to making this a success is developing a strong board of directors and ensuring ongoing success of the NSMBA staff.

In 2016, I will focus on continuing to work towards building a strong organization that is committed to and rooted in community service. “Trails Forever –Trails for All”

Like a good guest, you should leave a place you visit better than you found it. The Shore has provided me with so much joy over the last 20 years – being on the NSMBA board over the last 3 years is a way for me to give back.

I had just moved to Vancouver in the early 90's and had been hearing about these bike trails, so I decided to look for them. After a pedal in from Vancouver and some route finding (getting lost) I was on my way up Mountain Highway. I was fortunate to meet some riders on the pedal up; they introduced me to some of the trails. I had never ridden anything like this – it was unreal and I was hooked.

That was 1992, fast forward to 2015 – Fromme is still my favorite place to ride.

The Shore has so many great trails making it difficult to pick just one. I tend to go by what is in season and enjoy different trails throughout the year. I really enjoy liking up multiple trails over the course of a ride.

But if I had to pick one it would be Skull – to me it embodies the essence of the shore. And after a great ride I love to hang out in my garden.