On Saturday, August 21st, we achieved a huge milestone during the Pre-Reaper Trail Day .It was an incredible team of volunteers that came. Everyone found a role and kept the work flowing. Matt built the cribbing as fast as we could bring the logs in. The crush came in as fast as we could spike the geo into the cribbing, sometimes faster! This was the most productive crew we’ve had. Thanks to their hard work, the new, sustainable trail is now open from end to end.

Thanks go to Whole Foods for a truly awesome lunch and to Robin for arranging their support. Thanks also to Different Bikes, Lonsdale Quay Bean Around The World, and West Van Parks for their ongoing support. Thanks also to Mike and Roger for all the crush they hauled in between trail days. Amazing work! Finally, an enormous thank you to Alan Bardsley for the years of work he’s put into spearheading the work on this trail!

The Breakfast Platter was awesome!
Lunch was very tasty and nutritious.

No more poaching!

Riders are already enjoying the mud-free flow.

There’s more work to be done; building a pull-out area for interpretive use, cleaning up some of the exposed geo from last year, naturalizing the trail and finally, a log bridge near the entrance. These are minor efforts compared to the 3, count ’em 3 long years it took from the time West Van Parks built the bridge to now.

Some extra hands will be needed to get the log bridge in place. We’ll keep you up to date when it’s ready to happen.