Time to drop the course for Wade's Excellent Adventure

(cue Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure guitar riff)

at the Water Towers on Fromme.

Liaison 1- Climb from Water Towers to Floppy Bunny via Mtn Hwy.

Stage 1-Floppy Bunny – Roadside Attraction – Upper and Lower Griffen (finish will be before King of the Shore intersection)

Liaison 2- Climb King of the Shore to Mtn Hwy, climb Mtn Hwy to Leopard

Stage 2- Leopard – Kirkford – Crinkum – Crankum – Cedar trail (finish will be on Cedar before getting to the 1st switchback)

Liaison 3- Climb Mtn Hwy to Pile of Rocks

Stage 3- Pile of Rocks – Mtn Hwy – Expresso (all updated work, none of the old trail)

Liaison 4- Climb Skid Road Re-route to Badden Powell

Stage 4- BP – DW (finish at Boundary intersection)

Ice Cream Stop – We will have an ice cream cart to cool you off and give you a sugar shot to get up the climb and finish stage 5.

Liaison 5- Climb Dempsey Breamer trail, traverse BP

Stage 5- BP (start at exit of Ladies Only, finish before the hiker/biker split)

Food/Water station will be located by the entrance to Leopard on Mnt Hwy, riders will pass this point twice, please don't rely on this as your only source for water.

Course Notes: The exit of Pile of Rocks onto Mtn Hwy has a ditch compression, please be cautious of this as you can carry plenty of speed into it. We will mark it with a "DROP" caution sign.


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