Youth Trail Stewards

What is the Youth Trail Stewards Program?

The Youth Trail Stewards Program promotes trail stewardship and environmental sustainability in partnership with schools in our community. The program consists of two sessions, one in the classroom and one on the trail. The one hour long interactive classroom presentation instills an understanding of the importance of trails and our relationship to them and to nature. Students will learn about factors that contribute to trail damage, methods of repairing trails, and how to protect trails and the environment from future damage. Trail sessions run between two to three hours, where students gain hands on experience in trail maintenance and environmental stewardship.

The program meets the Core Competency of Social Responsibility in a place based learning environment, while applying First People’s perspectives and knowledge. We offer a variety of versions adapted for different age groups and to meet various curriculum needs.


What are the costs of hosting the program?

The cost is $35 per student, and all students will receive a youth membership to the NSMBA.

Our school and students are not able to afford the fee, is it still possible to participate?

Please contact us to discuss options; there are grant opportunities available as well as scholarship funding.

Is the program suitable for non-mountain bikers?

Yes, absolutely. Trail stewardship is a great way for anyone to connect with nature and enjoy fun and social outdoor recreation opportunities.

Is the academy safe?

Yes. As well as all NSMBA staff and volunteers being highly trained, we will also teach and promote good trail stewardship and safe trail practice.

What will the students get out of the academy?

We aim to give them a strong understanding of sustainability and trail stewardship, and fuel a passion for recreating and volunteering on the trails.

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