Corps: a body of people engaged in a particular activity.

Trained in the art of sustainable solutions, graduates of the North Shore Builders Academy become members of the Shore Corps.

To become member of the Corps, you must first attend an Academy theory session followed by a practical session in the forest working to put your theory into practice. When your training is complete, you become a proud member of the Shore Corps. Members of the Corps will engage in ongoing projects to improve the trails, including Advanced Academies that will expand your knowledge base through tactile learning.

Since 2012, over 1000 graduates throughout the Province of BC (even stretching into Washington state) have become members of the Shore Corps. The Corps includes a members only FB group, a quarterly newsletter and ongoing engagement in trail development through mentorship programs, advanced builder courses and special projects. Members of the Corps have become trail adopters and build leaders, teaching others and leading efforts in the field including TAP.

The Shore Corps is an NSMBA Legacy Program that ensures care for the trails now and into the future. Want to join the Shore Corps? Sign up for a Builders Academy. All are welcome to take part in this initiative to make the Shore a better place.“With roots on the Shore, the Race Face brand is proud to have been approached with the opportunity to be the title sponsor for the Shore Corps initiative. The concept of an attentive and trained group tasked to maintain the amazing network of North Shore trails is exciting and we are fully committed to the NSMBA and this innovative program. We look forward to feedback from the graduates and any additional ways we can contribute to the program to make it a success under the stewardship of NSMBA. It is a unique opportunity to play where we work.” Rob Bohncke, Race Face

Thank you to Race Face for your support of the Shore Corps for the past 2 years! This has been a great benefit for the community and the trail network. Check out some of the faces of the Shore Corps below.

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