Another beautiful Sunday, May 1st, was spent in and around Jaycee House with old gear, new gear, bikes that were passed over to new homes and superb community feeling. A great day was had by all, and we made some money too!
We are pleased to tell you that over 30 bikes sold! Not as many as last year, perhaps everyone is set for 2016 or doesn’t want to let go of their current steeds? We had a great amount people leaving with memberships, trail passes, and fresh new ‘I Dig The Shore’ t-shirts. After expenses, we are happy to let you know we made about $4000!

This weekend could not, and would not have happened without the help of our amazing volunteers!!!

Marc, Rhonna, Debbie, Clayton, Zoe, Evan, Mike, Andrew, Stephen, Gabe, Dennis, Spencer, Rick, Jeff (or was it Steve?), Ken, Joshua, Kyle, Kevin, Ryan, Wayne, Luke, Steve (Jeff right?) and all of the NSMBA directors!

Special thank you to Andrew Szendrey and Simon Fraser University for providing the Mac Mini’s and tech support; Telus for the internet; Waves for the blessed morning coffee, and Pam and Tap & Barrel for the wonderful lunch.

PS: Everyone was warned; if you don’t pick up your unsold gear on Sunday night it will get donated!
The friendly people from Our Community Bikes on Main Street were very happy on Monday, when a U-haul full of left-overs got unloaded with quality hubs and rims amongst the big pile of bike gear 🙂