This month we have 4 upcoming “Open Days” – smaller group days open to a few extra volunteers from the community.
You can get involved by simply emailing the contact person associated with each day to come join in the trail maintenance.

May 11 – Lower Oilcan (RBC) :

May 15 – Severed (La Bicicletta) :

May 19 – Fromme Ascent (Steed Cycles) :

May 19 – Dale’s (NSRide) ::

Plus 10(!) other TAP Days this month with sponsor groups – volunteers organized by our dedicated TAP Program supporters.  Thank-you for the contribution of people power and finances that we need to keep our trails awesome.

On June 2nd, Rocky Mountain Bicycles will be hosting a Community Trail Day on Forever After.  Everyone is welcome, lunch and coffee provided.  Bring a friend!

Find all upcoming trail days and events in our calendar: