Despite the peak heat minimizing the amount of dirt work to do, the trail crew, builders and volunteers have still been busy replacing bridges, preparing the trails for the return of the rain and giving the trails some fresh gold where it is still effective. All wood work has been completed by hand with cache of wood sourced and split before the fire ban was in effect.

The trail crew have been keeping busy mostly on Fromme the past month, with dirt and cedar work being done on Ladies Only, Bobsled, Crinkum Crankum, 7th Secret, Dreamweaver, Dempsey, Digger, Leppard and Kirkford. On Seymour, they were out working on John Deer, Pingu, C-Buster, Dales and Bridle Path

Builders and volunteers with TAP sponsor Sacre-Davey have done some rock and dirt work on Lower Expresso and youth from Endless Biking and Escape Adventures Bike Camps have been giving so much love to Griffen, contributing to over 700 hours of volunteer work so far!

Protecting roots and adding fresh gold to Lower Griffen

It’s been pretty quiet on t TAP front since mid July due to the dry weather making dirt work less effective and t


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