Fire Restrictions and Trail Work

As BC is experiencing a higher than average amount of wildfires and subsequent wildfire risk throughout the province, we are closely monitoring and working within any Fire Restrictions for our region. The most up to date restrictions can be found here:

While our Trail crew doesn’t use chainsaws very often, if there are any usages of a chainsaw, which would have been approved and permitted by the appropriate land manager, we will “maintain a fire watcher after work for a minimum of 2 hours”. This means that after any use of a chainsaw we will wait for two hours at the work site to ensure that there is no risk of a fire.

Staying Safe on the Trails

Our Trail Crew and TAP builders are working within the guidelines and recommendations set by the Province of BC listed here:

With the high heat and low air quality currently, we ask that all trail users please be aware of the environmental conditions and their own personal health limitations by taking regular breaks and staying hydrated when working, riding, hiking or running.


Lack of Trail days 

Due to the high temperatures and the overall dryness of the environment, there aren’t many trail days in July and August. Fresh dirt on the trails requires a certain amount of moisture to be able to settle and form properly so any significant digging done during this period wouldn’t be sustainable.

Instead, our trail crew and TAP builders are focusing on maintaining and constructing woodwork throughout our trail network. So look forward to some fresh cedar popping up on the trails!

We’ll be having more trail days in September once the moisture starts returning so keep an eye on the events calendar!

If you have any questions or comments please contact: