A total of 28 people participated in the work on Bobsled this weekend, sponsored by North Shore Bike Shop.  Work will continue to finalize this reroute on Nov 16th for our final trail day of the year.

Led by Pat Podolski, Digger & Irish Pete, a major reroute has been implemented that addresses the steep grade (33%) and subsequent erosion.  The new alignment will be sustainable and more in line with the experience associated with a beginner trail, including an average grade of less than 10%.


Steep, eroded section to be decommissioned & realigned.

This reroute and the work embarked upon by the NSMBA on Bobsled is aimed at bridge widening and restorative work on the trail to seek sustainable solutions while at the same time, creating a true All Access trail suitable for beginners, intermediates and accommodating those in the community on three wheeled bikes.

The NSMBA would like to recognize and thank all who support our collective efforts, including North Shore Bike Shop, the DNV and everyone who came out to dig, including our build leaders Pat, Pete & Digger.