Please join us on April 1st at 7pm when the NSMBA will be presenting at the District of North Vancouver Municipal Hall (355 Queens Road, North Vancouver) in order to provide an overview of the NSMBA to the new Councillors and Mayor and to express how integral trails are to our community. We will be presenting for 5 minutes in the main Council Chambers.

Your presence will be invaluable in order to let the DNV Council and Mayor know that you are one of many in the community who supports the trails and their continued maintenance.

Anyone present will have the opportunity to speak for up to 2 minutes, if they so wish, prior to our presentation. Items to bring up could include:

  • the continued development and maintenance of our trail system
  • the health and economic benefits of the trails for our community
  • the necessary budget required to continue our maintenance efforts

Please note that in order to speak, you must sign up on April 1st prior to 6:30pm. You are not obligated to speak for the full two minutes and it may be as simple as saying “I am a voting resident of the District of North Vancouver and I support the NSMBA and the continued support of the trails by the DNV.”

Even if you choose not to speak, your presence will be extremely valuable in order to fill the Council Chambers with NSMBA supporters, and show that we are an informed, respectful, diverse and thriving group within the community.

Any input prior to our presentation can be sent to Council: and please cc us

After presenting to Council we invite you to join us at the Queens Cross Public House.