Snow is great but it’s always a bonus to work on the trails while they’re not covered in snow! The trail crew has been out keeping the most heavily used trails in top shape while also spending time milling some cedar into useable slats and stringers for wooden feature upgrades and replacements.

The builders have been busy with the usual monthly maintenance, completing some long-term projects, fixing up some braiding, clearing drains and puddles and also getting some fresh cedar ready for upcoming work.

Some notes from the Builders:

  • The recent work on the Boogieman log feature above is meant to ensure the integrity of the log itself. The line that went straight off the log was breaking pieces off and would have eventually have led to the log collapsing.
  • If you’re practicing/sessioning on Boogienights and you’re hiking your bike up to repeat a section, please watch out for incoming descending bikers and vice versa (same goes for any trail).
  • A lot of builders have been needing to work on fixing the damage from trail braiding recently. Please bike, hike and run on the trails so erosion can be minimized and the builders can focus on more fun stuff (the majority of their work is volunteer so please respect their time and the vision of how the trail was built and maintained)

If you ever see any maintenance issues on the trails be sure to report it via Trailforks with a photo of the issue and map coordinates/location if possibleIt’s the quickest and best way to alert the builders of any work that needs to be done.

If you don’t have trailforks, you can also email with a photo and location as well.