The snow line has been creeping down every so often but our trail crew and builders have been able to stay busy keeping the trails on Fromme and Seymour running smoothly! Besides the usual maintenance and upkeep you may have noticed some cool new stuff on the mountains. -John Deer had some dirt work and some corners and new lines were revitalized. Thank you to the Academy participants and Race Face Shore Corps for helping a lot with this project! -Digger’s pride and joy, Ladies Only, got upgraded with some new cedar bridges!

Photos by Patrick Podolski   – Kirkford sees a lot of ridership so our trail crew spent a lot of time moving fresh dirt onto the trail and adding some fresh cedar for good measure. Thank you to everyone who stayed off it while the dirt settled over the gorgeous long weekend. We really appreciate your cooperation. 😀

Photos by Patrick Podolski   Dirt, Drains and rocks are keeping the trails healthy through the Winter!

Photos by Patrick Podolski and Vincent Beasse