April 5, 2011

North Vancouver, B.C. — The North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) proudly announced today the launch of the North Shore’s first ever Trail Adoption Plan. In the initial phase, seven trails are being adopted in co-operation with NSMBA Trail Maintainers and the landowners Metro Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver.

“We’re excited to launch the Trail Adoption Plan with a great slate of adopters and maintainers” said Mathew Bond, President and Trail Director of the NSMBA. “The NSMBA is dedicated to ensuring there are recreational trails on the North Shore for all to enjoy forever. This is a great step in getting the community involved to help us fulfill our mission of 'Trails for all, trails forever!'”.

The Trail Adoption Plan pairs a Trail Adopter, who provides financial support, mobilises volunteers, and runs trail maintenance days with a Trail Maintainer, who provides design guidance, trail maintenance expertise, and leads the efforts of the Adopter on all trail days. Collectively, the Adopter and Maintainer work with the NSMBA to develop a vision of a trail based on environmental sustainability. All work will be performed to the standards of the landowners.

“There has been overwhelming response from the community to be a part of the plan.” said Mark Wood, Trail Adoption Plan Director. “This is a very exciting time for us as we work in collaboration with the landowners to revitalize the existing trail network. We will add more trails to the plan after the initial phase is up and running.”

The following community members will be participating in the launch phase of the Trail Adoption Plan:

  • "Boogieman" will be adopted by Steed Cycles of North Vancouver and trail maintainer Sean Gerke. The landowner is the District of North Vancouver.
  • "Bottletop" and "Ridge Runner" will be adopted by Different Bikes and NSRide Mountain Bike Club, both of North Vancouver along with trail maintainers Daniel Lui and Darryl Marlatt. The landowner is Metro Vancouver.
  • "Circuit 8" will be adopted by Rocky Mountain Bicycles of Delta and trail maintainer Matt Preston. The landowner is Metro Vancouver.
  • "Corkscrew" will be adopted by the Bank of Montreal's North Vancouver Lonsdale & Esplanade branch and trail maintainer Rob Hlus. The landowner is Metro Vancouver.
  • "Dale's Trail" will be adopted by NSMB.com of North Vancouver and SRAM Corp of Chicago and trail maintainers Todd "Digger" Fiander and Jerry Willows. The landowner is Metro Vancouver.
  • "TNT" will be adopted by Mountain Equipment Co-Op of Vancouver. The landowner is Metro Vancouver.
  • "Team Pangor" will be adopted by Ryder's Eyewear and the Muddbunnies Riding Club, both of North Vancouver along with trail maintainers Sven Luebke and Chris Barker.

Organisations wishing to become future Trail Adopters can email TAP@nsmba.ca.

About the North Shore Mountain Bike Association

The NSMBA is a volunteer-run and CRA-registered charitable organization dedicated to the mission of “Trails for all, Trails forever!” on the famous North Shore mountains located in North Vancouver and West Vancouver. We are a voice for the mountain biking community of the North Shore. We develop and sustain a network of trails that provide opportunity for challenge and progression, while fostering mountain bike culture and a community that embraces it as a positive force.

For more information on the NSMBA, visit nsmba.ca

For more information, please contact:

Mark Wood
Trail Adoption Plan Director

Mathew Bond
President and Trail Director

Tim Ambler
Marketing Director