2016 is coming in like a LION!

The Shore is runnin HAWT! And everyone in the Sea to Sky is coming down to play while Squish, Whistler & Pemby are under snow. While Fromme was still under snow, riding pressure was through the roof on Seymour. As trails get busier, please use some common sense. Don’t stop in the middle of descents and be sure to take out your earphones when crossing other trails. The trails belong to all of us so please respect others and respect the trails. A little goes a long way – slow down when you see other users, even a friendly “Hallo” and a smile makes people feel warm & fuzzy. Sometimes, there’s no hard & fast rule so remember; “Courtesy has right of way.”

We’re all in this together 🙂

We’ve been busy catching up on trees that fell during the snowstorm in December. Please post up on Trailforks.com if you see any more out there that we need to tackle. Lots of work still getting tackled on the trails…Pat Podolski & Sean Gerke are replacing more rotted woodwork on Crinkum and are nearly complete just above the 3rd switchback.

Dreamweaver Ascent: Me Tree, me smash!  

Featured Trail: Pingu

A new 20 foot table top was installed on Pingu over the holidays. It’s a reach and you’ll have to pedal to get that tranny but for the record, people are doubling it up! Pingu’s 5 year rebuild is now complete with several tables, a step down, a new entry, rebuild of the dorp to falt and recently a new hip to berm. We also can’t forget the Pingor Connector built by the Race Face Shore Corps to bypass the boulder exit on Incline (still there if you want it!). Every feature is either rollable or has a go-round, we’ve done our best to make it an inclusive trail. Recently, an old french drain that was clogged was pulled and a ditch put in with a mini bridge near the end. Thank you to all who have been involved in the rebuild including original adopter in 2012 & 2013 Dunbar Cycles and current adopter since 2014, the Raven Pub. Lots of hard work went into this trail, thank you to all of the builders who made their mark!

Lots of goodness on Pingu, including the new 20 foot table.
DSC02500.JPG DSC01870.JPG
Cutting the New Entrance with Dunbar in 2012 (Old Entrance is still there if you want to ride it!). Yes, we moved that thousand pound boulder for the new entrance! Original line in this section on right trapped water, was a flow killer and has now been realigned and includes a little double!
Drop by the Raven after your ride to wash your bike, grab a Pingu Pint & thank them for their work on the trail!
Sick sign bro!
New drop with a tranny to replace the original dorp to falt. Not much room to squeeze in a tranny!
Pingu Drop.jpg
The Finger drop.

French drain is gone.

Deer John

Martin & Penny are back at it again over the holidays and are proud to announce the opening of Deer John, a short double black option beside John Deer. Upper John Deer is now officially open and ends at Good Sir Martin. More details on Trailforks : http://www.trailforks.com/trails/deer-john/

As much as people wish John Deere to remain off the radar and in its raw state, it has been a free for all on the trail and it requires much love.  It is presently a mud bog top to bottom and will see restorative work beginning in February.

Martin knee deep on JD.  Building a trail is just the start, caring for a trail is where the love comes in!

Digger got a new sign for the Monster Coaster on Lower Ladies compliments of our summer intern Leah Zhecheva who happens to be a little maestro with a woodburner!

Update from Metro

Trail upgrades of Baden Powell from Richard Juryn to stairs are 95 percent complete – all climbable grade. Capping the trail and widening one corner is yet to be done. Old line will then be restored. Upgrades will be completed in January.

Section of damaged boardwalk from up-rooted tree on Baden Powell, just up from Bridle Trail/Baden Powell intersection has been repaired

The construction of a new washroom facility started January 4th in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve’s main public parking lot. Construction is expected to take place for 3-4 months.

What’s Next?

Get ready for a new jump line on Seymour and some work to start on Bridle Path.

The Fromme Ascent will optimistically be connected by summer, new connectors from the Fromme Parking Lot into Natural High and RSA are being tackled in February in collaboration with the DNV.  

TAP is ramping up with more adopters, more trails and will officially launch in Feb.

Please support our work, get a trail pass, get a membership, drop some cookies off to Digger!  Where else in the world do you get to ride such great trails for free?!  Thanks for your support!

Have feedback?  Have questions?  Email us at info@nsmba.ca

Keep the rubber side down!