January Trail Update

Via our Builder Work Reports



Happy New year!


Despite the downtime of the holidays, our builders managed to squeeze in some much needed time on the trails in late December and early January. Work was done on Cambodia, Cabin Trail, and More. Keep scrolling to see what they got up to!

To see what our paid Trail Crew is up to, check out the Crew update here: Trail Crew Update


Volunteers: Blaise Ratcliffe & Crew

1) Rock-armored and dirt-filled run out of steep rock slab
2) Cut in the new ‘ride-around’ line.
3) Rock-armored and dirt-filled entrance of new ride around.
4) Decommissioned old ‘ride-around’ line.



CHMC zone: Berm rework, grade reversals added/rebuilt, drainage dug

Metro: prep for multiple cedar projects – milling and bucking slabs from a recently fallen cedar (approved by Metro via email)

Bottletop, Ridgerunner, Bridlepath & High School Trail

Vulunteers: Isabelle Deguise & Cheryl Moore

Clearing trail of debris and downed trees following snow storm


Cabin Trail

TAP Sponsor: Anthem Properties

233 hours of volunteer work were completed on the main trail, including realignments.
162 hours of volunteer work were completed on the new entrance connector
All work following IMBA Canada Prescription

Mystery Creek falls crossing: the entry to the crossing was washed out due to the waterfall flowing onto the trail during a large storm. Washed out portion was built back up using rock fill with rock hardening to the trail tread to reduce damage from any future similar incidents

After completion of the first of the prescribed realignments in 2021, in 2022, the sub-standard TTF ladder bridges were removed and dismantled. Three old discarded ladder bridges were recovered from beside the trail and fully dismantled. In both cases, nails were all removed from the forest and taken for metal recycling

Substandard TTF ladder bridge replaced. Old TTF had too much slat overhang, under sized stringers, and oversized wide spacing. Down ramp on old growth log stabilized with additional timber and two pieces of rock added as foot holds for foot traffic. Organic dirt on exit dug out and replaced with mineral dirt.

First steep corner at head of trail rebuilt with rock armouring protecting roots and providing predictable surface for bikes. Flat sections incorporated to assist foot traffic.

Work was started on 2nd realignment to move trail from narrow, rooty alignment to higher alignment with TTF incorporating bedrock/armoured section for added interest. Work was ceased in this area due to a hazard tree. Work recommenced late in the year until snow stopped progress.

Old, rotten, broken woodwork removed from trail bed and new drain formed

Work was started on a new entrance connector, beginning a short distance from CBC exit, and finishing at the first/upper crossing of Mystery Creek (connector will utilize new bridge to be constructed in August 2023)

Work will continue in 2023 on both the realignments of the main trail, and the new entrance connector – once the snow clears


Meat Sweats

Volunteers: Mark Alderton and crew

Drainage and tread refresh


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