The Trail Crew have been focusing on some of the most high usage trails on Fromme, notably Expresso and Lower Digger, -patching up berms, clearing drains and adding fresh rock armouring – and also spending some time on Bookwus, Ladies Only and the Fromme Ascent. The Builders have been busy throughout the network working on Boogienights, Bridle Path, John Deer, Severed, Empress Bypass, Bottletop, Lower Expresso, Lower Oil Can, the Fromme Ascent, Warden’s Climb, the Griffen Ascent and more!

We’re currently in the process of restarting our trail days and we’ll be updating our calendar with opportunities for you to come work on the trails. More details on our new protocols for running trail days can be found HERE.

If you see any maintenance issues on the trails be sure to report it via Trailforks. It’s the quickest and best way to alert the builders of any work that needs to be done.