Our trail crew and volunteers have been busy on the mountains making sure they grab all the fresh gold they can before the dry season hits.

Regular maintenance was the order of the month with the Trail crew putting in time on Expresso, Dreamweaver, Pingu, Ladies Only, 7th Secret, Digger and Leppard.


A whole lot of Dirt and rock work went down during the crazy amount of TAP days this past month. Volunteers were out in force giving a lot of love to Fromme and Seymour :

  • Expresso w/ MEC
  • Lower Oil Can w/ RBC
  • Bobsled w/ Telus
  • Severed D w/ La Bicicletta WV
  • Dreamweaver w/ Arc’teryx
  • Crinkum Crankum w/ Sophos
  • Fromme Ascent w/ Steed Cycles
  • Pangor w/ Giant Vancouver
  • Pennzoil w/ Knolly Bikes
  • Forever After w/ Rocky Mountain Bicycles
  • Dale’s Trail w/ Comor Sports and NSRide
  • Boogieman w/ Central City Brewing


Gold on Crinkum Crankum – Photo by Dodge Lancaster

Be sure to check our Events Calendar to find all upcoming Community Trail Days! Also consider enrolling in the Arc’teryx Trail Academy to learn the principals behind trail building/maintenance and get even more opportunities to work on the trails!

Remember to report any maintenance issues you see on the trails via Trailforks!