May 2022 Trail Update

As peak riding season approaches and Trail Days are in full swing, we’ve had lots of builders and volunteers out working their magic.  Thank you to everyone who has helped out this past month, the trails are looking *MINT*

Photo from Riverside Community Trail day (by James Nadel)

Lower Digger

Traction on Demand volunteer group 

Removed roots and rocks from entry, berm and exit. Dug out the trail and berm to steepen it. Added mineral soil and shaped it. Created exit roller and mini-jump/roller.

Volunteer Group

Project 1: The final berm on the trail had slumped over time and needed to be reshaped. The berm was picked apart and made steeper. The inside of the trail was regraded to eliminate standing water.

Project 2: Another berm that had slumped and needed reshaping.

Floppy bunny

Trail Adopter: Sombrio/Obsession 

Enhanced berm: remove rocks, steepen bank, deepen drain troughs, increase height of reverse grades, cover top of berm with moss to increase moisture.


Mystery DH


Middle Griffen

Youth Trail Stewards

Volunteer Group 2

Lift and raise trail to ensure drainage doesn’t overflow during extreme weather events.
Created rock, retainer using large rocks, filled with smaller over, topped with dirt and out sloped into drainage.


Ramble On

After the winter months, the reroute on Ramble On saw some damage from precipitation and lack of adequate drainage measures. A drainage feature was dug above the reroute to redirect water off the trail entirely, and additional mineral soil was thrown in the areas where the dirt washed away.



Trail Adopter: Ridgeline Events

Debarking, drying, splitting.

Added swales to fall line section to prevent continued erosion. Water diverted with grade reversal from the swales

Photo from Riverside Community Trail Day – Such an awesome time, thanks to everyone who came out!! (photo by James Nadel)


John Deer

Trail Adopter: Knolly Bikes

Rebuild section of trail:
– dig out mud and sediment from inside of corners and from drain
– reform grade using mineral soil
– top up trail tread with mineral soil



Trail Adopter: Steed Cycles / Santa Cruz Bikes

Project 1: Opening up the top end and reshaping a corner to allow for better momentum to be carried and to stop riders from having to brake heavily which was causing ruts to form and degrade the area.

Project 2: Work was also done in a close by area to refresh other corners which had worn down over time. Drainage was cleared out and improved to ensure water does not pool and flows off of the trail.



Trail Adopter: BGC Engineering

This old ladder bridge was showing advanced signs of rot and needed to be replaced. The old bridge was dismantled and de-nailed before being discarded off trail. The replacement bridge was built to similar spec with a slight change in alignment to improve flow and move away from an adjacent tree.



It’s Open!!!!

Such a rad trail and we can’t get over the quality of work and time put into this project. Huge thanks to everyone involved including our Trail Crew and Dreamwizards for working their trail magic ✨Also, to Metro Vancouver and IMBA Canada for making this project come to life!

Can’t wait for you all to ride this gem.

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