November Trail Update

Via our Builder Work Reports





The return of the rain means that the dirt was able to flow again! Check out this month’s trail work below.

Floppy Bunny

TAP Sponsor: Sombrio & Obsession: Bike

Filled holes, removed protruding rocks, enhanced berms and trail bed and Added a hook extension to the end of the existing berm in order to increase speed into the new rollers.


TAP Sponsor: Steed Cycles

Drains were cleaned out and the trail surfaced was repaired with rock armouring and fresh dirt after the summer drought conditions.



TAP Sponsor: Coast Mountain Trail Running

Raked the trail and cleared drains ahead of of the incoming storms


“IT’S OPEN!! Builders were out all weekend finishing off the new rollercoaster feature near the bottom of the trail. So much work has gone into this 165′ of woodwork goodness . On sunny days, rainy days and snowy days, this feature is continues to be tackled by those that dare to try it… (ride at your own risk, wood can get pretty slippery!)”


TAP Sponsor: BGC Engineering

Cleared drainage ditches throughout trail, added grade reversals, repaired broken rungs on bridges, rock armored eroded sections, and replenished trail bed with mineral soil.



TAP Sponsor: Mountain Equipment Company

Several berms were damaged so holes and walls were filled and enhanced with mineral soil. Protruding rocks were removed between all of the berms.

Ridge Runner

Raked and cleared drains ahead of storms.

Lower Digger

TAP Sponsor: Traction on Demand

Due to the dry conditions, before the rain returned, we scraped and swept several areas on the lower section.

Roadside Attraction

TAP Sponsor: Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association

Baden Powell

TAP Sponsor: More Bikes

Replenished mineral soil to improve trail drainage, and raise trail bed.

Lower Expresso

TAP Sponsor: Sacre-Davey Engineering

Fixed up the eroded trail surface and got drainage ready for winter.

Lower Griffen

TAP Sponsor: Endless Biking

Clearing out drains and fixing some sections with fresh mineral soil.

Parking Lot Connector

Raised and narrowed the trail to better establish drainage, supported with rocks and fresh dirt.

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