Norco John Henry Bikes had their best turnout ever with 16 people coming to do much needed work on a particularly poorly aligned corner on the Richard Juryn Trail.  Led by Jaclyn Delacroix the NJHB crew completely rebuilt it.  If you’ve ever been on the trail you know the corner we are talking about!  Years of accumulated organic material and what appears to be previous attempts to fix the corner with sticks and the occasional partially rotted log had done nothing but create an area that caught and retained water.

This was a big project,  We dug out about a foot of organic matter before we began work on a new base.  We built a large rock foundation a gentle inward slope to allow water that would have sat on the corner into a draining pond that then feeds the water to the outside of the corner via a large drainage pipe.  We chose to keep the corner a very low slope and somewhat tight turn to assist in keeping the down riders speed on the trail in check.

We are Holding our last trail day for the year on November 24th to address a few more drainage issues and make sure the trail is winter ready.