Thank you to our TAP Sponsors!


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Become a trail adopter and tap into the North Shore trail user community. The TRAIL ADOPTION PLAN (TAP) is your chance to connect your company name to world renowned trails in the mountain biking world.


With your support you back our efforts to protect and maintain the trails on the North Shore through education and action. We develop trail networks that provide challenge and progression while fostering mountain bike culture and a community that embraces our sport as a positive force.


Join other companies making a positive impact and adopt a trail on the North Shore!


Besides the obvious benefits of connecting with the growing community of trail users you will also:


  • Support the building and maintenance of trails to be enjoyed now and in the future
  • Give back to the community we live and work in
  • Receive recognition on signage at the trailhead on your trail for the calendar year
  • Gain exposure through our social media channels, newsletters and events
  • Use our TAP logo to showcase your positive impact and community involvement
  • Make this a community outreach event
  • Get the opportunity to use your TAP trail days as team building incentive
  • New networks mean new business opportunities


Thank you to those who have supported the Trail Adoption Plan over its past 6 years! With 33 adopters working on 32 trails in 2016, our efforts to restore the Shore continue in full force. We will collectively hold over 100 TAP trail days and approximately 5,000 hours of labor this year. Since its inception in 2011, the TRAIL ADOPTION PLAN has contributed over 15,000 hours of labor to the trails while remaining focused on sustainable solutions.


Contact us today for more information about how to get involved and to sign up.


Thank you to those who have supported the Trail Adoption Plan over its past 6 years!


Join other companies who are making a positive impact and adopt a trail on the North Shore!


There are 2 ways to get your company involved in TAP

Ways to adopt a TAP trail:

$3000  We ask our adopters to organize and coordinate 6 trail days within the calendar year. To these trail days bring people ready to get their hands dirty, we will plan and lay out the work needed, cover paperwork and insurances, provide training, tools, gloves and guidance through our experienced trail builders.

$5000 gets you the same exposure without the work. We will organize the trail days for you. All you do is lean back and watch your Karma grow. Besides your TAP involvement you will get a GOLD sponsor status.

If you are looking to get involved even more we grant TAP trails to all our GOLD and PLATINUM sponsorship packages.

All TAP Sponsors will have their logo placed on the trail head for brand exposure and awareness.

Here is an example of the work that your organization in relationship with us can complete together!
What does a TAP Trail Day look like?

You will be partnered with an experienced trail builder who you will work with to coordinate your six trail days for the year (typically 3 spring/3 fall). The trail builder will also determine the work plan for that day. We bring the tools, gloves and plan for the day. Your trail builder will also lead safety talks, sustainable education on the why’s behind the work and how your team will get the job done that day!

All you have to do is get your crew together, bring lunch, have some fun on the trails and share it on social media! We will do the rest!


How many people have to come out to each trail day?

Trail Day labour can be anywhere from 2-20 individuals and doesn’t have to be the same each time. This can be discussed on a case by case basis. The NSMBA can also open up your trail day to the public to encourage a small group or a larger group to come out based on the amount of work and builders available for that day. This is something that can be discussed with the NSMBA TAP Manager, Builder and we can always support labour on trail days through social media call outs and newsletters. People love coming out to help!

Some businesses like using their trail days as team building days and are not open to having them open to the public and we are happy to make this happen! Others need support and want the community to come out and help! We will work with you to find what suits your business best.

As a TAP Sponsor what other privileges do I get?

TAP Sponsorship is equivalent to Gold Sponsorship which includes 6 NSMBA Memberships for the year of Sponsorship, logo visible on our monthly newsletter out to 4000 subscribers, logo visible on the footer of our website. If you would like to learn more about TAP or read about our other levels of sponsorship please read our 2017 Sponsorship Package HERE!

Whats next?

Interested in being apart of our TAP Program? Send us an email to get the conversation going –

Download our 2017 Sponsorship Package and present it to your business or organization as a way to get involved.

TAP 2016

The NSMBA is pleased to announce our TAP adopters for 2016.

The efforts of each adopter are led by a trained, professional NSMBA Lead Builder.  Each adopter will hold up to 6 trail days this calendar year to implement improvements that have been approved by the appropriate Land Manager.  The TAP Program contributes as much as 5000 hours in volunteer labour annually since inception in 2011.

The goal is to improve the trails and seek sustainable solutions through preventative maintenance and other projects. Consideration for the environment and minimizing our impact are integral in our approach.

 For those who are about to dig, we salute you!

Please support those who support the trails.

 To become a Trail Adopter or to learn more, email us at

With 32 Adopters working on 28 trails in 2014, our efforts to restore the Shore continues in full force.
We will collectively hold over 100 trail days this year.

In total, TAP contributes approximately 5 000+ hours of labour each year. Since inception in 2011, the Trail Adoption Plan has contributed over 15 000 hours of labour to the trails focussed on sustainable solutions.

Support those who support the Shore!

The NSMBA wishes to thank our Adopters for their support & hard work, the Builders for their leadership and for each of you who will join us on a trail day.

For those about to dig, we thank you…

TAP 2013

The Trail Adoption Plan is now entering into it’s third year.
The work completed in the past two seasons has been incredible.
2013 will be our best year yet.
TAP 2011:  42 trail days 4400 hours of trail work on 8 trails thanks to 11 Adopters.
TAP 2012: 70 trail days accounting for 7500 hours of work on 19 trails thanks to 23 Adopters.
This year, we are proud to announce the expansion of TAP to FVMBA & the WMBC.
The NSMBA would like to thank TD Friends of the Environment FoundationCLIF Bars & Cycles Lambert for their support of TAP.

Support those who support the Shore.

Trail Adopter Builder LM*
Boogieman BMO Bank of Montreal Dan Lui DNV
Boogieman Steed Cycles & Devinci Earl Allen DNV
Dreamweaver Arc’teryx Mark Wood DNV
Empress & the Bypass Different Bikes & NS Ride Brent Hillier DNV/BC Parks
Executioner Sugoi Chris Barker DNV
Expresso MEC Digger DNV
Expresso & RockShox Jerry Willows DNV
King of the Shore Lynn Valley Bikes Sean Gerke DNV
Crinkum Crankum & Kirkford Queens Cross Pub Peter Morin DNV/GVRD
Lower Griffen Rocky Mountain Bicycles Matt Preston & Mark Wood DNV
Ladies Only Obsession Bikes Digger DNV
Lower Oilcan Dizzy Cycles Pete O’Loughlin DNV
Circuit 8 BC Bike Race & Adera Matt Preston & Mathew Bond Metro
Pingu Dunbar Cycles Mark Wood DNV
Bobsled & Floppy Bunny North Shore Bike Shop Pat Podolski DNV
Richard Juryn Trail Norco John Henry Bikes Jaclyn Delacroix DNV/Metro
Team Pangor Ryders Eyewear &Muddbunnies Riding Club (BC) Sven Luebke DNV
CBC Okanagan Spring Brewery Metro
Grannies Joystick Bicycle Components Digger DNV

* Land Managers

Here is a summary of the numbers of people involved and the amount of work accomplished in 2013:
Trail Adoption Plan: 647 volunteers from 27 Community organizations completed 66 TAP trail days in 2013, contributing 4137 hours of work on 19 trails
Builders Academy: 60 volunteers graduated from the Academy in 2013 and conducted over 300 hours of specialized trail care projects.
Public Trail Days: The NSMBA held 8 trail days in 2013 in which 150+ volunteers conducted over 900 hours of trail work.
The work we do is led by our professional builders who are trained in the modern techniques of sustainable building and environmental care. This work is amplified by the hundreds of volunteers who care enough to donate their sweat equity into our trail projects.  The NSMBA would like to thank everyone who has contributed in some way to help share the work load at hand.
The NSMBA Board of Directors are volunteers who donate much of their personal time to guide the organization, implement strategies and conduct events.  We do this because we care about our community.
The core strength of our collective efforts is the power of community: people working together to make the Shore a better place.
The NSMBA Community Programs include: the North Shore Trail Adoption Plan, the North Shore Builders Academy, the Shore Corps (Academy graduates) & Public Trail Days.
The significant projects in 2013 include:
Builders Academy – A total of over 300 graduates in two years – thanks to Arc’teryx
TAP – 66 trail days on 19 trails – thanks to all of our Trail Adopters & TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
The Baden Powell Restoration Project: Fromme – thanks to Stuart Loewen’s Family Foundation
Forever After – thanks to the Trails Forever Fund & Metro Vancouver
High School League –thanks to Trails Forever Fund & Deloitte  
Circuit 8 descent to Fisherman’s – thanks to Metro Vancouver
Skid Rd Reroute – thanks to MEC, Arc’teryx, & Deloitte
Corkscrew Bridge replacement – thanks to Norco
Bobsled Retrofit – thanks to lululemon, North Shore Bike Shop & the DNV
Pingor Connector – thanks to the Shore Corps
Rapid Transit – thanks to the Shore Corps
Lower Griffen Ascending Route – thanks to Rocky Mountain Bicycles
The NSMBA are leaders in modern techniques to bring our inherited network to a sustainable standard that includes care for the environment.  We have grown our partnerships with the Land Managers through our responsible framework.  These strengthened partnerships with the DNV, Metro Vancouver and BC Parks will ensure future care of our trails through our stewardship programs.  The NSMBA would like to recognize these partnerships and thank the Land Managers for their collaborative efforts working together towards shared goals.

2012 – Restore the Shore continues…

2011 was an incredible year with the inception of the Trail Adoption Plan.  Over 40 trail days and 4400 hours were put into 9 trails on Seymour and in Lynn Valley by 11 Trail Adopters. 2012 promises to nearly twice the capacity as the revitalization of the Shore continues with 23 Adopters and 19 trails. Projections for the season: 96 trail days accounting for nearly 7000 hours of labour.
The NSMBA would like to thank the Trail Adopters for  leading the charge including the full returning roster of 2011 Adopters.  Stepping up, taking action and making a difference, one shovel full at a time.
TAP wouldn’t be possible without the agreement and continued support of the following North Shore Land Managers:  District of North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver and BC Parks.  We’re working together towards shared solutions.
The NSMBA would also like to thank the Builder’s who led the efforts last year and now welcome a near doubling of the numbers for this coming season to a total of 16 TAP Trail Builder’s.   Knowledgeable, adaptable and uncompromising, the TAP Builder’s are ensuring a high standard of quality with every project.
Last but not least, the NSMBA wishes to thank You.  If you were a volunteer on a trail day past or if you plan on volunteering this year and making a difference, then in advance, we thank you.  Many hands make light work.
The future looks good.

2012 Trail Adopers

Trail Trail Adopter Trail Builder Land Manager
Boogieman Steed/Giant Bicycles Sean Gerke DNV
Dreamweaver Arc’teryx Mark Wood DNV
Empress & the Bypass Different Bikes & NS Ride Daniel Lui & Darryl Marlatt DNV/BC Parks
Executioner BMO Bank of Montreal Chris Barker DNV
Expresso MEC & & Rock Shox Todd Fiander & Jerry Willows DNV
Crinkum Crankum & Kirkford Deloitte Peter Morin DNV
Lower Griffen Rocky Mountain Bicycles Matt Preston DNV
Lower Oilcan Dizzy Cycles Seb Kemp & Peter O’Loughlin DNV
Circuit 8 BC Bike Race & Adera Matt Preston Metro
Pingu Dunbar Cycles Mark Wood DNV
Bobsled & Floppy Bunny North Shore Bike Shop Liam Mulally & Pat Podolski DNV
Richard Juryn Trail John Henry Bikes Earl Allen Metro
Team Pangor Ryders Eyewear & MuddBunnies Riding Club (BC) Sven Luebke DNV
Upper Griffen Endless Biking Mark Wood DNV
CBC Cove Bikes & Okanagan Springs Stuart Kerr Metro
Grannies Joystick Bicycle Components Chris Glew DNV

The year it all began

TAP 2011

TAP 2011 – First Year!

Many of the trails on the North Shore were built over a decade ago. Our wet winters and high number of trail users have taken their toll. We are embarking on a revitalization plan to improve the current state of the trails.  New, sustainable lines will replace unsustainable sections, decaying structures will be replaced or removed, and erosion undone.

Many positive projects are in the imminent future to return the Shore to its legendary status.  Starting with the Trail Adoption Plan.

As Stewards of the Trails, it’s up to all of us.

We invite you to join us by playing a key role in this era of renewal. The Trail Adoption Plan partners your organization with an NSMBA Trail Maintainer to revitalize an adopted trail.

Recap of TAP in 2011

Trail Adopter Maintainer Landowner
Boogieman Sean Gerke District of North Vancouver
Bottletop andRidge Runner Daniel Lui and Daryl Marlatt Metro Vancouver
Circuit 8 Matt Preston Metro Vancouver
Corkscrew Mark Wood Metro Vancouver
Dale’s Trail Todd “Digger” Fiander  & Jerry Willows Metro Vancouver
TNT Tyler Wilkes & Chris Barker Metro Vancouver
Team Pangor Sven Luebke and Chris Barker District of North Vancouver