We’re excited to announce the expansion of the NSMBA Trail Academy presented by Arc’teryx!

Despite the dry summer, the NSMBA Academy team have been hard at work, developing an expanded curriculum. The Trail Academy was initially developed in order to share our knowledge and experience about sustainable trail work and provide our members opportunities to develop skills to help us look after our trails. To accommodate the new classes, we’ve renamed our original Academy course to “Foundations of Trail Care”. Adding to this, we are offering two new theory courses on rock work and wood structures this Fall and have additional courses planned for the Spring. All courses also include a practical session. Read the course descriptions here.

Trail Academy 100: Foundations of Trail Care
Theory Dates: October 16, November 2, November 28
Practical Dates: October 19, October 21, October 24, November 4, November 30, December 3
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Trail Academy 212: Rock Work
Theory Date: October 25
Practical Dates: October 28, November 16
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Trail Academy 213: Wood Structures
Theory Date: October 10
Practical Dates: October 14, October 26
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Thank you to Arc’teryx and Race Face for their generous support of the Trail Academy and Shore Corps programs and their continued commitment to our local trail network.