Trail Adoption Plan (TAP)

Give back to the trails

The Trail Adoption Plan is a chance to connect your company name to world-renowned trails in the mountain biking world.
With your support, you back our efforts to protect and maintain the trails on the North Shore through education and action.
We develop trail networks that provide challenge and progression while fostering mountain bike culture and a community that embraces our sport as a positive force.



What does TAP look like for me?

  • Support the building and maintenance of trails to be enjoyed now and in the future
  • Give back to the community that we all live, work and play in
  • Receive recognition on signage at the trailhead on your trail for the calendar year
  • Use our TAP logo to showcase your positive community involvement and impact
  • A wonderful team-building opportunity though TAP trail days

How does my company get involved?

There are two ways to adopt a trail, both of which give your company a Gold Sponsor Status for the calendar year:


Your logo is placed on the signage at the trailhead for brand exposure and awareness for the calendar year. You can also organize and coordinate up to six trail days for the year. On these trail days, your company can come out ready to learn and our experienced trail builders will plan the work, cover paperwork and insurance, provide training, tools, and guidance.


This option is provided to give your company the same exposure and positive impact, but without organizing and attending the trail days. Our experienced trail builders will organize and maintain the trails on your behalf. 

Example of trail head sign

What does a trail day look like?

We understand that a trail day can sound intimidating, which is why we have created a guide for what to expect at a trail day.

We love to share content that showcases the great trail work going on in our community, which is why we have created a guide for sharing social media content with us.


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