Thank-you to all the Sponsors + Builders + Volunteers who worked on the trails in June. With over 500 volunteer hours worth of work on Seymour and another 500 volunteer hours on Fromme, the NSMBA trails received well over 1000 hours worth of volunteer maintenance in June!

Seymour Trail Days that happened in June:

High School League (LIV Vancouver)
Dale’s Trail (NS Ride)
Corkscrew (MMS Lawyers)
Forever After (Rocky Mountain Bikes & Arc’teryx Trail Academy)
Cabin/TNT (Arc’teryx Trail Academy & TELUS & Visier Corp)
Empress Bypass (Filzer Youth & Family Day)
Pangor (GIANT Vancouver)
BoogieNights (Norco/John Henry Bikes)

This incredible group from Visier Corp came out for a full day on Cabin/TNT, lead by TAP Builder Andrew Teit.

Visier Trail Day on TNT/Cabin

June Trail Days on Fromme:
Expresso (MEC)
Floppy Bunny (Sombrio Community Day)
Lower Oilcan (RBC)
Dreamweaver ReRoute (Arc’teryx)
Bobsled (TELUS)
7th Secret (MORE Bikes)
Fromme Ascent (Knight Piesold)
Volunteers from Knight Piesold have been working with Gordon McNaughton to make the Fromme Ascent more enjoyable.

Knight Piesold Trail Day on the Fromme Ascent