Why Join The NSMBA?

The NSMBA is a voice for the mountain biking community of the North Shore. We protect and maintain the trails as environmental leaders, focussed on sustainability through education & action. We develop trail networks that provide challenge and progression while fostering mountain bike culture and a community that embraces our sport as a positive force.



$351 year
$351 year


$401 Year
$401 Year


$1001 Year
$1001 Year

Fern Sponsorship

$5001 Year
$5001 Year
What does being a Member mean?

 Joining the NSMBA as a member means that you care about keeping the trails of the North Shore open for all and forever. Your membership dues:

  • Fund the purchase of materials, tools, and equipment for our volunteer trail days and trail builders
  • Fund labour costs for some trail building projects
  • Insure you for participation in NSMBA events such as trail maintenance days and Fiver Race Series
  • Allows you access to the Trail Builders Academy
  • Give you free or discounted admission to NSMBA and other bike-related events
  • Voting rights for the Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting hosted late November

Without the efforts of people like you, the North Shore trails you love would be in terrible condition, if not completely closed. We support local trailbuilders, hold awesome events, and work with landowners to ensure you have access to trails. Are you interested in seeing our current network of trails maintained while continuing to look at opportunities for new trails in the future? Get involved!

What do Membership dollars fund?

Your membership dues provide direct financial support to enable the NSMBA to:

  • Pay professional trail builders to lead specific maintenance projects and trail days, ensuring trails remain open, safe, sustainable, and FUN!
  • Purchase materials, tools, and equipment for our volunteer and trail builders to use during trail days.
  • Purchase insurance that allows the NSMBA to conduct activities for our members and host trail days.
  • Manage and deliver the programs that educate the community on trail building’s evolving best practices.
  • Engage proactively with Land Managers to ensure their continued support and investment in the trail network.


What are the Membership Types & How much does it cost?
Annual membership in the NSMBA is as follows:

Youth Membership – $35 (13 years and older) / $20 (Under 13 years)
($15 Insurance Fee + $20 Membership Fee)

Adult Membership – $40
( $15 insurance Fee + $25 Membership Fee)

Family Membership – $100

(up to $60 insurance Fee + $40 Membership Fee)

Fern Sponsorship  – $500
( 4 x Adult Active Memberships + $340 contribution)



How long is membership good for?


Your NSMBA Membership is for the calendar year.  The membership is valid from January 1 to December 31 of the year of purchase.

What is a Fern Sponsorship?


A corporate membership is a way for local riders, families, small businesses and large organizations to give just a little more back to the trails here on the North Shore. We understand that not everyone has the resources or time to commit to our Trail Adoption Plan (TAP) program. But that’s ok, because as a Fern Sponsor, your extra funds go right back into the trails.

So what else do you get for the extra bucks besides extra trail karma?

  • Four (4) Adult Membership cards for the season of purchase
  • Recognition on our Sponsorship page with a link back to your business
  • Recognition of your support to the NSMBA to be displayed in your office or home
  • Invitation to sponsor only events

Connecting your small business with the NSMBA shows good-will and increases your brand awareness in the local community.


What is a Trail Boost?

The NSMBA Trail Boost, previously known as a trail pass, is a donation used directly for trail building and trail building resources. It does not pay for administrative costs or insurance, just trail building resources. 

A Trail Boost is sold separate from the NSMBA membership and may be ideal for people who are looking to give back beyond their annual membership. A Trail Pass is also ideal for riders who are not from the North Shore but would like to give back in some way.

An NSMBA Trail Boost is annual and comes with a sticker.  Although the purchase of a Trail Boost does not give you the same benefits as an annual membership (Insurance coverage for events and races, monthly email updates on events and trail updates) it does give you the extra piece of mind that you are contributing directly to the local trail system.

Purchase your Trail Boost NOW!





How else can I get involved?





Make a Donation

The NSMBA is a CRA registered charity. The above button allows you to make a donation via CHIMP.net and recieve a donation receipt automatically!

You can also mail any donations directly to us: North Shore Mountain Bike Association PO BOX 16127 Lynn Valley Outlet North Vancouver, BC V7J 3S9

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! The NSMBA is an organisation run entirely by the dedicated efforts of volunteers. If you’re excited about mountain biking and want to share your enthusiasm with the community, the NSMBA has an exciting volunteer position for you! You can start by checking out our volunteer page here.