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TAP 2015

TAP 2015 is now accepting applications for adoptions.
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TAP - How it works

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TAP 2014

With 32 Adopters working on 28 trails in 2014, our efforts to restore the Shore continues in full force.
We will collectively hold over 100 trail days this year.

In total, TAP contributes approximately 5 000+ hours of labour each year. Since inception in 2011, the Trail Adoption Plan has contributed over 15 000 hours of labour to the trails focussed on sustainable solutions.

Support those who support the Shore!

The NSMBA wishes to thank our Adopters for their support & hard work, the Builders for their leadership and for each of you who will join us on a trail day.

For those about to dig, we salute you...

Email to adopt a trail in 2014

TAP - How it works


TAP 2013

The Trail Adoption Plan is now entering into it’s third year.  
The work completed in the past two seasons has been incredible.  
2013 will be our best year yet. 
TAP 2011:  42 trail days 4400 hours of trail work on 8 trails thanks to 11 Adopters.
TAP 2012: 70 trail days accounting for 7500 hours of work on 19 trails thanks to 23 Adopters.
This year, we are proud to announce the expansion of TAP to FVMBA & the WMBC.
The NSMBA would like to thank TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, CLIF Bars & Cycles Lambert for their support of TAP.

Support those who support the Shore.

Trail Adopter Builder LM*
Boogieman BMO Bank of Montreal Dan Lui


Boogieman Steed Cycles & Devinci Earl Allen DNV
Dreamweaver Arc'teryx Mark Wood DNV
Empress & the Bypass Different Bikes & NS Ride Brent Hillier DNV/BC Parks
Executioner Sugoi Chris Barker DNV
Expresso MEC Digger DNV
Expresso & RockShox Jerry Willows DNV
King of the Shore Lynn Valley Bikes Sean Gerke DNV
Crinkum Crankum & Kirkford Queens Cross Pub Peter Morin


Lower Griffen Rocky Mountain Bicycles Matt Preston & Mark Wood DNV
Ladies Only Obsession Bikes Digger DNV
Lower Oilcan Dizzy Cycles Pete O'Loughlin DNV
Circuit 8 BC Bike Race & Adera Matt Preston & Mathew Bond Metro
Pingu Dunbar Cycles Mark Wood DNV
Bobsled & Floppy Bunny North Shore Bike Shop Pat Podolski DNV
Richard Juryn Trail Norco John Henry Bikes Jaclyn Delacroix DNV/Metro
Team Pangor Ryders Eyewear & Muddbunnies Riding Club (BC) Sven Luebke DNV
CBC Okanagan Spring Brewery   Metro
Grannies Joystick Bicycle Components Digger DNV

                                                                                                 * Land Managers
For more information, email

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TAP - How it works