Winter, with its heavy rains, is often hard on the trails. We’re lucky to be able to ride year round, and recently have had amazing conditions to get out and play. Ensuring each of these trails withstand the forces of Mother Nature and the impact of wheels, shoes, and paws, are dedicated North Shore Trail Heroes, our local trail builders. Meet Trevor, who has dedicated many hours of hard labour over the past twenty years, building and maintaining the singletrack we love to ride – such as Dale’s, Skull, Expresso, Dempsey, and many many more. Thank you Trevor for all your many years of caring for the trails!

How long have you been riding? Building?
Trevor: Riding 26 years this spring, building 21 years

How did you get into trail building (that project)?
Trevor: I rode 719, an all jump trail in Nelson, and wanted to make one on Shore…Air Supply

Favourite place ever ridden (not the shore)
Trevor: Kaslo

What trail building feature or project are you most proud to have worked on?
Trevor: Sideshow jump on Air Supply

What’s one thing you’d like to see in in the future of the North Shore trail network?
Trevor: Air Supply brought back with table tops. Also a Fromme climber like Penny Lane/GSM

What’s your favourite trail building tool? And why in three words or less.
Trevor: Shovel – Digger says so

What’s the most rewarding aspect of trail building?
Trevor: Seeing water moved off trails and also seeing fresh packed gold

What’s the most frustrating aspect of trail building?
Trevor: Roots and big rocks in the way

What’s your favourite trail building catch phrase?
Trevor: Dance Digger dance!

After “have fun”, what’s the best piece of advice to people riding trails?
Trevor: Enjoy your fun

Photo Credits: Mosaic Homes, NSMBA

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