What a day on Fromme!  On this past Saturday, June 12, 163 Adventurers' took part in Wade's Excellent Adventure vying for the Fromme Cup!  The weather was spectacular even if the trails were still slippery in spots with 3 weeks of most often rain prior to the big day.  But the clouds cleared and it was a glorious day!

Wade's Excellent Adventure raised $3500 for the trails of Fromme!

The teams assembled at the starting line and the Corporate Teams were first out of the gate, followed only two minutes later by citizen class.  By the time it was finished, Team BFJCC representing Cove Bikes had won the Fromme Cup with the fastest time of the day at 3:29:21.  The Citizen division was won by Team Pennywise, a two person team comprised of the Traslin Brothers in 3:32:23. 

CORPORATE 1. BFJCC (Cove) 3:29:21     2. Fake Runkle did it (MEC) 4:11:15     3. Norco 4:41:50

Team BFJCC COVE BIKES will have their names engraved on the Fromme Cup and hold the Cup for a year until next years Excellent Adventure.

CITIZEN 1. Pennywise 3:32:23     2. CK's 3:51:25     3. Ripper Dads 4:27:30

Team Pennywise Andy & Mike Traslin

TOP 10 OVERALL 1. BFJCC (Cove) 3:29:21    2. Pennywise 3:32:23 (Citizen-2 PERSON)    3. CK's 3:51:25 (Citizen)    4. Fake Runkle did it (MEC) 4:11:15    5. Ripper Dads 4:27:30 (Citizen)    6. Norco 4:41:50    7. Goodpedallas 4:59:25 (Citizen)    8. MHPM 5:05:34    9. The Gumbies 5:12:06 (Citizen-2 PERSON)    10. Finished Guaranteed 5:16:41

For those of you who didn't participate in the event, the competitors rode three trails; 1) 7th Secret/Leopard/KK/Roadside Attraction 2) Upper/Lower Oilcan 3) Pipeline
The following 4 signs were collected and arranged to phonetically spell out the final 'Secret' Trail.  See if you can figure it out:

The energy was huge from the moment Tippie jumped out of the truck and began his marathon party on the megaphone for the next six hours!  Thank you Tippie for keeping the juice flowing all day!

There are so many people to thank for making it all happen.  First, to the team of volunteers who made it all happen at Registration and in the Mud Bunnie burger pit!  As most of the vollunteers were Mudbunnies, the NSMBA gives special thanks to you!

Tippie, you're a non stop party!! 

The Apres Party at the Bridge Between was a great time too with Wade giving away two Shimano XTR Wheelsets, a set of Marzochi 66s (Thanks Naz!!) and the big prize of the night was a Rocky Mountain Slayer SS that was won by the very appreciative Monika Marx!  Way to go Monika-we know you'll triple everything on that Slayer!

Rhonna Gurevich as the event organizer made sure every t was crossed and every i dotted and is owed great credit in creating the master plan and getting a solid team in place to make sure things ran smoothly. The fact that there wasn't a single hiccup attests to Rhonna's preparedness for the event.

A big thank you to all of the sponsors who made the event possible:

Rocky Mountain Bikes-Kieran thank you for running the demo fleet and keeping people rolling all day.

Planet Foods-Thank you for keeping everyone fueled with those delicious organic Sharkies, Ultima Sports drink and some of the tastiest chocolate on the planet.

Thank you to Marzocchi, NSMB, Oakley, Dakine, Race Face & Shimano for your support and amazing prizes!

Thank you to all of you who participated in the event and got into the spirit of the event by having fun, even while suffering through a demanding course!

Thank you to the DNV.

Thank you to Upper Lynn School for allowing us to use your parking lot.

Thank you to the Bridge Between for hosting the great after party!

And of course, last but certainly not least, thank you Wade for all of your time and effort in the making of a Great Adventure!

We look forward to this event happening next year!  Stay tuned for the date-we'll see you there!