It’s hard to believe that the NSMBA is already 20 years old this year and we’re showing no signs of slowing down! With over 1700 members for 2017 so far, it’s been incredible to see our membership and support grow, creating and maintaining not only awesome trails but strengthening our community by bringing people together through our love of mountain biking, the mountains and the forest!

We’re still pushing for 2000 members by for 2017 so if you have friends or family who ride and aren’t yet a member, encourage them to buy their membership! If they ask why you can tell them that:

  • Their membership helps keep the North Shore Trails legendary and accessible!
  • Fall is the prime digging season so the more resources we have now, the more work we can put into the trails
  • As a member, they can access all our awesome events like the Fiver Races and Trail Academy
  • They can attend our Annual General Meeting, vote on the board of the directors and be part of the decision making process
  • The more members, the better our relationship can be with the land managers. Which can lead to more trails and an even better network!

But they don’t need to take our word for it, take it from a few of our current members!

“I’m an NSMBA member because of all the amazing work they put into our beautiful trails. Thank you!” – Charlotte Buchan

“I am a member of NSMBA because I believe our trail systems need leadership and organization. NSMBA has proven to be very successful at this and I want to support them in any way that I can. I also love the Fiver Series that is put on each year and I join so I can participate in these.” – Katherine Short



“World-class trails at my doorstep. That’s why I support the NSMBA. Our backyard is a truly special place and we owe it largely to the hard work of the North Shore Mountain Biking Association. A $40 membership is the best season pass you’ll ever buy.” – Isabelle Jacques











“I’m a NSMBA member because I started riding these trails and I want to keep riding them!” – Scott Pilecki














“I moved to Vancouver 5 years ago and saw that the incredible trails here had a history that was being maintained and a future that is being built by a group that were passionate about every aspect of riding on the north shore. Everyone in the NSMBA is stoked to play any part, to put back what they take out and they make sure that it is available for everyone to share in. Not a faceless organisation or a municipality, but people I meet out on the trails and in the community. All the work the NSMBA does and the trail days I have been a part of make the difference. Having those opportunities available to anyone who wants to help is a huge opportunity that makes me feel closer to the ride and the community of riders. The work and the trails will be enjoyed by myself, my friends, anyone who is fortunate to ride the shore and my children who will grow up riding these trails and that is what it’s about. ” – Daniel Lavender

“Only 18 months under my belt as a mountain bikers, I am incredibly impressed with the the NSMBA – most notably – the trail building and maintenance. I have been able to progress my level of skill from beginner – barely able to get down Bobsled – to now taking on trails such as Seventh, Pipeline, Executioner, Corkscrew, Pingor/Pangor to name a few. So much work goes on in the background by NSMBA volunteers who work tirelessly to live up to their commitment to provide “trails for all, trails forever”. As a new rider – I feel they deliver time and time again. I am so proud to be a member of this organization and I encourage all riders and hikers who love the trails as much as I do – to purchase their membership so we can keep this north shore legacy alive.” – Leanne Taylor