For all of the hero dirt we enjoyed in January, in February the forest turned white under a blanket of snow and the frozen ground made trail work more challenging. Pat, NSMBA Trail Crew Lead, hasn’t let that deter him from transforming Empress Bypass at the base of Seymour into a ribbon of gold (learn more about the aMTB project here). Pat grew up riding and digging on the North Shore and has traveled all over BC to build. You’ll find trails his signature trails from Squamish to Pemberton to McBride to Bowen Island to Valemont. Thank you for your dedication to the trails Pat!

How long have you been riding? Building?
Pat: I got my first real mountain bike at 12. Me and my friends started building and riding, I was instantly hooked!!

How did you get into trail building (that project)?
Pat: Watching NSX videos and building our own backyard trails. My friend Andrew and Rob both had North Shore style trails in their backyards we built. Thanks Digger!

Favourite place ever ridden (not the shore)
Pat: Nelson B.C. So blown away with that gem of a town.

What trail building feature or project are you most proud to have worked on?
Pat: Building the Drooler on Boogieman and helping build Boogie Nights!

What’s one thing you’d like to see in in the future of the North Shore trail network?
Pat: CBC Rebuild!!!!

What’s your favourite trail building tool? And why in three words or less.
Pat: Pulaski, it’s super efficient!

What’s the most rewarding aspect of trail building?
Pat: Riding something you have sunken a ton of time into.

What’s the most frustrating aspect of trail building?
Pat: You can’t make everyone happy. The good always outweighs the bad!

What’s your favourite trail building catch phrase?
Pat: No dig, no ride. When we were kids the local builders made us dig for days/weeks before we were “allowed” to ride!

After “have fun”, what’s the best piece of advice to people riding trails?
Pat: Be happy and friendly to everyone!

Photo Credits: Johnny Smoke, Andrew Teit

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