TAP 2012


2012 – Restore the Shore continues…


2011 was an incredible year with the inception of the Trail Adoption Plan.  Over 40 trail days and 4400 hours were put into 9 trails on Seymour and in Lynn Valley by 11 Trail Adopters. 2012 promises to nearly twice the capacity as the revitalization of the Shore continues with 23 Adopters and 19 trails. Projections for the season: 96 trail days accounting for nearly 7000 hours of labour. 
The NSMBA would like to thank the Trail Adopters for  leading the charge including the full returning roster of 2011 Adopters.  Stepping up, taking action and making a difference, one shovel full at a time.
TAP wouldn't be possible without the agreement and continued support of the following North Shore Land Managers:  District of North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver and BC Parks.  We're working together towards shared solutions.
The NSMBA would also like to thank the Builder's who led the efforts last year and now welcome a near doubling of the numbers for this coming season to a total of 16 TAP Trail Builder's.   Knowledgeable, adaptable and uncompromising, the TAP Builder's are ensuring a high standard of quality with every project.
Last but not least, the NSMBA wishes to thank You.  If you were a volunteer on a trail day past or if you plan on volunteering this year and making a difference, then in advance, we thank you.  Many hands make light work.
The future looks good.


2012 Trail Adopers

Trail Trail Adopter Trail Builder Land Manager
Boogieman Steed/Giant Bicycles Sean Gerke DNV
Dreamweaver Arc'teryx Mark Wood DNV
Empress & the Bypass Different Bikes & NS Ride Daniel Lui & Darryl Marlatt DNV/BC Parks
Executioner BMO Bank of Montreal Chris Barker DNV
Expresso MEC & nsmb.com & Rock Shox Todd Fiander & Jerry Willows DNV
Crinkum Crankum & Kirkford Deloitte Peter Morin DNV
Lower Griffen Rocky Mountain Bicycles Matt Preston DNV
Lower Oilcan Dizzy Cycles Seb Kemp & Peter O'Loughlin DNV
Circuit 8 BC Bike Race & Adera Matt Preston Metro
Pingu Dunbar Cycles Mark Wood DNV
Bobsled & Floppy Bunny North Shore Bike Shop Liam Mulally & Pat Podolski DNV
Richard Juryn Trail John Henry Bikes Earl Allen Metro
Team Pangor Ryders Eyewear & MuddBunnies Riding Club (BC) Sven Luebke DNV
Upper Griffen Endless Biking Mark Wood DNV
CBC Cove Bikes & Okanagan Springs Stuart Kerr


Grannies Joystick Bicycle Components Chris Glew DNV